About Bits & Atoms

A platform to share the good stuff I get to see, listen, touch… experience. Atoms and Bits separate ‘real’ world experiences from the fast growing ‘virtual’ experiences. I enjoy both and I will cover both. From travelling to Alaska (Atoms) to my favourite podcasts (Bits) get it? 
The mantra: keep it simple.
This is also the perfect excuse to build my own website (what people can see) and test the latest digital marketing tools (all the stuff happening behind the scenes).


About Me

Overeducated. Curious. Easily bored. #Spanglish. Expat in London.
9 to 5: A former Nokian and senior marketer in the technology world; digital, AdTech, automation, B2B, strategist, AI, blah blah blah… Linkedin profile
5 to 9: A traveller, photographer, cyclist and a curious mind trying to read all the Internet and watch the full Netflix catalogue. Facebook profile 
Comments, feedback, collaborations at bits.atoms.blog@gmail.com 
Juan Ageitos about

‘Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.’  

Charles Mingus