My top London cycling routes (almost traffic free!)

The sun is up, the days are longer and you want to increase your dopamine levels. Cycling provides a great workout and it’s a great way to discover London.

Whether you are a pro and wear lycra or just have a normal bike (like me!), London offers some great cycling routes that can be enjoyed with very little traffic. This will help you keep a steady pace and it’s far safer than pushing pedals in other urban areas.

Here my top 4 routes:

1 – Big Ben to Limehouse

I love this route and it’s by far my favourite. Starting at the Big Ben, you will stay in a cycle lane 100% of the time so you don’t need to worry about traffic. The route is flat and completing this route in both directions will help you clock more than 8 miles at a steady pace. The views along the Thames Embankment are the best part!

Cycling route map london


2 – Lapping around Regents Park

Lapping in circles allows you to clock as many miles as you want but it can get pretty boring after a while. There is no cycling lane although the traffic is tolerable except… when guys with SPS (Small Penis Syndrome) show off their supercars around the park… pretty annoying (and sad!). You’ll find some serious cyclists training here so be respectful and don’t feel too bad when they overtake you at lighting speed. One lap is about 2.8 miles and mostly flat.

cycling route map london


3 – Hyde Park laps (and surroundings)

The majority of this lap happens in the cycle lane (yey!) with a small fragment in the North Carriage section being shared with cars, the traffic on that road is almost inexistent. The loop is about 3 miles and you have some great options to extend it. You can leave the park at Hyde Park Corner and head for Constitution Hill, pass Buckingham Palace take The Mall and go all the way to Horse Guards Parade. Some great London sights here! Still some energy left? I personally combine this route with the Big Ben to Limehouse route for longer rides. 5 stars!

cycling route map london


4 – Richmond Park

Slightly out of the way but a great place if you want something a bit more challenging… there’s a small hill!! The lap is 6.8 miles long and you’ll need to get those gears moving at some stage. For me, the worst part is getting there (traffic) although you can get your bike on the London Overground and get there safe! Also, you can enjoy some food (or beer) at Steins, a must visit while in Richmond (check their opening hours).

cycling route london richmond park

If you are like me, you will need some gear to help you navigate the city and stay motivated.

  • Google Maps: You can download the maps in the app before you leave the house. I personally switch my phone to airplane mode while riding to preserve battery life.
  • Phone holder: This is how you bring Google Maps to life without breaking the bank. More serious riders use a dedicated unit.
  • Strava: This app will track your rides and it will show you your times per segment. You can compare your times with friends and any other riders or… if you are like me, you just track your own progress and keep racing against yourself!

Interactive Map with the 4 routes:

‘Mens sana in corpore sano’

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