Internet Trends 2017 by Mary Meeker

Every year at the Code Conference, Mary Meeker delivers the best presentation in the industry bar none. Her confidence is so high that the deck itself looks plain and ruthless to the naked eye:

  • The presentation template and slide layouts look terrible… it doesn’t matter
  • There are 355 slides in this document… it doesn’t matter

This is ‘substance over style’ at its best.

You can see the slides below:

Mary Meeker always highlights that this document is not meant to be ‘presented’ but to be read, which explains my previous criticism. The deck and video (below), are intended for a well-educated audience on these topics, otherwise, you’ll think this is madness. Feel free to lower the speed in your Youtube if needed.

This deck is often so dense that most people that I know in the technology sector only pay attention to the slides that concern them, those little niches… I call that ‘tunnel vision’.

Video from Code Conference 2017:

Key takeaways:

  • Smartphone growth is slowing down
  • Voice queries on mobile now account for 20% of total queries and accuracy is about 95%. Check my previous post on Virtual Assistants if you are interested in this topic
  • Mobile advertising still has room for growth – Time spent Vs. Ad spent
  • TV viewership continues to decline while Netflix takes 30% of revenues in the US market
  • Big focus on gaming and how it’s becoming mainstream. Also, a few interesting points on how gaming tech eg: GPUs are now being used for other purposes such as AI
  • China and India are two markets to watch in terms of innovation and growth

The Recode website has an extensive analysis of Mary Meeker’s presentation.

We just need to wait another year to get the one and only deck that rules them all.


PS: Walt Mossberg, tech journalist and co-founder of the Code Conference, will be retiring this month. Thank you for all the great work!


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