3 podcasts I always listen to

Podcasts are a great example of how the Internet work as a platform for ALL. Similar to what blogs do in the written word form, podcasts allow anyone to create and distribute a radio program for free.

Unfortunately, one of the downsides is ‘discovery’. There must be podcasts you might love but they are hard to find. There isn’t a Google for podcasts to perform a good search for this type of media and most people need to rely on:

  •  in-app suggestions or in-app rankings
  • Reddit, Quora and other forums
  • word of mouth
  • …and just sometimes… very few times…. a recommendation from a podcaster during his/her podcast. I wish this could happen more often but I suppose it’s the old ‘market competition’ story… They are all trying to get your attention, which is limited… so it’s understandable. If your product is good, the fan base will stay loyal and you should not be worried about losing them. And let’s not forget, this is the Internet… you should not be targeting everyone, just your niche, which is still worldwide… still huge! Personally, when I see a podcaster recommending another podcast or episode (outside of their podcast network) I see it as a sign of confidence – kudos to them!

I am subscribed to many more than 3…

42 is the number today (the meaning of life!), this number keeps changing, podcasts come and go from my app quite often BUT… 3 of them are untouchable, they are galvanised and quite frankly, when making recommendations, less is more:


Hello Internet podcast


The podcast is hosted by Internet personalities; Brady Haran and the Daft Punk of YouTube… CGP Grey. As you might expect me, I have to say this podcast is great but it’s also hard to define what this podcast is really about. They put it like this:

‘A podcast where we’ll be talking about YouTube, life, work, whatever.’

The episodes are just great conversations between Grey and Brady. It’s more about how things are being said than what is actually being said. A joy to listen to. Just try it.


joe rogan podcast


You will need to free up some time from other listening habits if you want to embark on this experience. Joe Rogan goes long form with his guests that usually come from many different fields and backgrounds. Top scientists, filmmakers, writers, celebrities… anything goes. The conversations normally take around 3 hours which is a great way to explore ideas and concepts in depth. Some people criticise Rogan for being a bit ‘broish’ but his interview style is sublime and he doesn’t pretend to be something he is not. Authenticity is the ethos of this podcast and in my opinion, it works great.


exponent podcast


My third on the list is for those working or are interested in technology.

There are 3 main reasons for which I religiously listen to Exponent every Friday afternoon:

  1. Great source of quality information if you work in the technology sector.
  2. The hosts do their homework so they can make (or defend) their points at great lengths – unfortunately, this is not the case with many other technology podcasts… I notice this when a podcaster starts talking about a subject I know really well, could be a product or a company I’ve worked for. And then I think… oh shit! probably they make stuff up about the other products and companies too!
  3. This podcast IS about technology. The podcast IS NOT about the latest phone or app aka a gadget-show (unfortunately this is what some old favourites of mine have become…)

Exponent is hosted by Ben Thompson from Stratechery and James Allworth from Harvard Business Review.


Do you listen to these podcasts and have a recommendation for me?

Please let me know in the comments below.

Happy Listening!


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