My second photo book, it was about time

Going places and photography are my favourite things when I get some time off. Being a bit of a nomad myself, I realised that buying souvenirs and carrying them with me wasn’t smart so I decided that my pictures would be my souvenirs. Convenience is King!

This is currently my second book. The first one includes my photographs from 2004 – 2009, mostly shot with an SLR camera and with plenty of time in my hands to travel and take pictures. This second volume covers 2010 – 2018, all pictures are taken from a mobile phone and during my career driven years so… not so much time to experiment! The ethos remains the same in both cases.

There is a second reason for this book, as a professional marketer, is good to have some channels to express yourself without the guidelines and other barriers. Just raw. Just for yourself.

The result… well, I am not expecting huge sales as I do with my professional work, but fulfilment and permanent memories are the goal here. I might end up selling one or two to family members and the likes. That would be enough.

You can get yours here 😉

Peace! ✌